Mike Svoboda: Power & Poetry

"new music classics" from Berio, Feldman, Scelsi and Xenakis as well as quartets from Hölszky, Zonn and Rabe/Bark, plus pieces for tape voice collage and three trombones from Svoboda using the voices of Berio, Feldman, Scelsi and Xenakis.

Luciano Berio- Sequenza V (1966) for solo trombone
Iannis Xenakis- Keren (1986) for solo trombone 
Giacinto Scelsi - Tre Pezzi (1956) for solo trombone
Morton Feldman (1926-1982) - A very short piece for trumpet (1986) version for solo trombone

Mike Svoboda - Number theory (1999) for trombone and tap (with the voice of Iannis Xenakis)
Mike Svoboda (*1960) - Le son du coeur (1999) for trombone and tape (with the voice of Giacinto Scelsi) 
Mike Svoboda - Et, et, et... (1999) for trombone and tape (with the voice of Luciano Berio)
Mike Svoboda - Lalala, lalala (1999) for trombone and tape (with the voice of Morton Feldman)

Andriana Hölszky - Weltenenden (1993) for four trombones (with euphonium and alphorn)
Jan Bark/Volker Rabe - Bolos (1962) for four trombones
Paul Martin Zonn - Mobiles and Loops (1989) for four trombones

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