Music for Open Spaces

(2010)  45' / for soprano, 8 solo trombones, tapes, and wind bands

text: vocalise

Premiere: September 2010, Braunschweig; Ania Vegry (sop), the trombone class of the University of Music Hanover (Prof. Jonas Bylund), ca. 150 amateur wind players from the Braunschweig area, Florian Wessel/Mike Svoboda (cond.)

Commission: Niedersächsische Musiktage, Markus Fein, director

I. Introduction with Insight (2010) 8' / for 8 trombones

II. Exit and Expedition (2010) ca. 10-15' / electronic music for 16 megaphones

III. Embarkment Fanfare (2010) 4' / for 8 trombones

IV. Ambient Fantasy with George III (2010) 13' / for 8 trombones and wind ensemble

V. Final Proclamation (2010) 7' / for soprano, 8 solo trombones, tapes, and wind bands

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soprano solo
8 solo trombones
wind bands (flexible instrumentation approx. 150 players)
4 percussionist (each with one metal pipe played with metal beaters)

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