Music for Trombone, Piano, and Percussion

(2012) 18' / for trombone and brass ensemble

written for Tobias Schiessler and Hohenlohe Brass and commissioned by them

Premiere: January 2013, Öhringen, Germany
Tobias Schiessler - solo trombone / Michael Böttcher - conductor / Hohenlohe Brass


Solo trombone
• tenor trombone and double-bell alto trombone (a trumpet bell is attached to the open
4th-valve) / mutes: wawa, harmon mute, and straight mute for the trumpet bell

Brass Ensemble (10 piece)
• 4 trumpets in Bb (1. & 2. also piccolo trumpet in Bb, 4th also flugelhorn in Bb) - mutes: straight, harmon, practice
• horn in f - mutes: practice
• 4 trombones (1st also euphonium, 2nd to 4th also 1 ACME mouth siren attached to the
F-attachment instead of the tuning slide with the use of a hose) - mutes: straight, practice
• tuba - mutes: straight, practice

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