Dowland Suite

Mike Svoboda, Dowland Suite (2014)
based on themes by John Dowland (1563-1626)

duration ca. 16’

The first performance took place on June 10th, 2014 Basel, Switzerland with the
Ensemble Schwerpunkt Matthew Brown and Matthew Sadler, trumpets, Cecilie Hoel, horn, Mikael Rudolfsson, trombone, and Janne Jakobson, tuba.

Dowland Suite is extracted and adapted material from Mike Svoboda’s music theater Robin Hood - to good, to be true (2012) for mezzo-soprano and brass quintet which premiered at the Lucerne Festival in September 2013 with Anne-May Krüger, mezzo-soprano and the Sonus Brass Ensemble: Stefan Dünser and Attila Krako, trumpets, Andreas Schuchter, horn, Wolfgang Bilgeri, trombone, and Harald Schiele, tuba.

trumpet 1 in Bb, also piccolo trumpet in Bb
trumpet 2 in Bb
tuba (or bass trombone)

Stockholm Chamber Brass

Ensemble Schwerpunkt

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