maybe yes, maybe now

(2020) 14' / for two clarinets and string quartet

Clarinet 1 in Bb (also Bass Clarinet in Bb) Clarinet 2 in Bb (also Bass Clarinet in Bb)
Violin 1
Violin 2

written for Das Klarinettenduo Beate Zelinsky/David Smeyers and the Asasello Quartett. The composition was made possible with the support of the city of Cologne.

Composer's note

An obsession for stereophonic sound movement characterizes – like many of my latest compositions – also maybe yes, maybe no. This simple phenomenon in connection with a general movement over the whole work from high to low is quickly recognizable and can be taken as a backdrop allowing the listener to focus on details and nuances. The constant back and forth of the two clarinets, sometimes with the supportive interactions from members of the quartet, can be seen as a metaphor for a dialogue, a relationship, or even the individual internal struggle for a decision. - Mike Svoboda in October 2020


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