Study No. 4 - double canon

(2015) 7' / for 4 saxophones and 4 trombones

Commissioned by the Festival Rümlingen and premiered in Rümlingen, Switzerland on August 30th, 2015 by the Aeterea Saxophone Quartet and les trombones de bâle

Study No. 4 - double canon is conceived to be played outside in an open space. The saxophones should play together facing the audience surrounding them. The trombones are behind the audience, a large distance apart from each other, perhaps 50-60 meters across and each ca. 25-30 meters from the saxophone group. The piece should not be conducted. The performers play from a performance score and coordination between the two groups is purely aural. The intonation is based on a 3/5/7/11/13 limit Otonality, as used by Harry Partch. Since it is highly unlikely that the players will have the time to learn the tuning exactly – nor might it be possible to hear each other at the distance so well –, it is suggested that the players use tunes (certainly the trombonist). In addition, approximations of the tuning are given using 1/8 and 1/4 tones in combination with + and - signs. The exact cent deviation from equal temperament, a tuning system in which no saxophonist or trombonist has ever tuned exactly, but the tuner gives as a reference.  In the first 6 pages, the two quartets play independently of each other regarding tempi, meter, and baring. Therefore the entrances of the groups are marked with numbers 1 to 14 in circles to aid in rehearsals. Starting at page 9, measure 15, the two groups are conventionally coordinated, notated on the same page, and the bar numbers do not encircle

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