Duo Kiedaisch/Svoboda: "DrumBoneSongs"

Michael Kiedaisch - percussion, metal objects, accordion, etc., and composition
Mike Svoboda - trombone, didgeridoo, conch shell, alphorn, etc., and composition

In their program "DrumBoneSongs", Michael Kiedaisch and Mike Svoboda make musical use of their divergent backgrounds in jazz and new music and unusual meetings occur: a drumset dueling with a jazz trombone, a steel drum meditating to the sound of a polyphonic muted trombone, a garden hose rotating over screaming brake drums, or an alphorn singing a lament in duet with a shaky accordion. Their playful experiments result in entertaining atmospheric sound-scapes.

The percussionist Michael Kiedaisch and the american trombonist and long time collaborator with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Michael Svoboda, call their new program "DrumBoneSongs". A large arsenal of instruments and objects on stage awakes the audience's interest long before the concert started. ... All the pieces in their program are mostly thematic abbreviations that serve as vehicles for jazzy improvisation and sensuous sound experiments. Kiedaisch's drum style allows an enormous variety of sound: finger attacks on the cymbals and continually changing patterns of the skins of his drums produced a multifaceted percussion kaleidoscope. Svoboda's contributions were usually mysterious suggestions. He integrated the soft, almost secondary, tones - often sung and often mutated. In that way he created a high degree of intensity not just through the notes played, but also through the ones left out. - Ravensburger Zeitung

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