cartesian rainbow recordings

Two courageous percussionists, Zacarias Maia and Dino Georgeton, took it upon themselves separately to record Mike Svoboda's Cartesian Rainbow, a work for solo percussion which he composed in 2018 for the performer Louisa Marxen. The two versions differ greatly, not just due not only to the fact that the performer recites color names in his or her own mother tongue. The version by Zacarias Maia is a fine performance, thanks to technical assistance of Chi Him Chick, recorded in a concert hall. Dino Georgeton’s video, on the other hand, was recorded in an industrial area in Basel, Switzerland with hard cuts between the sections emphasizing the structure of the composition itself. The ambient sound plays a prominent role, such as the occasional scream from a drunk inside a dumpster near the recording site. In both recordings, the performer recites color names of the rainbow, focusing on minute differences along the spectrum.

video Zaca:

video Dino:

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