New solo cd with works by Cage, Nono, Scelsi, and Stockhausen

Mike Svoboda has recorded another CD for the label WERGO, his 6th for the company based in Mainz, Germany. As with the five recorded over the past 10 years  (do you love wagner, Stockhausens Tierkreis, anarchic harmonies with Stefan Hussong, suono rotondo with the trio Kiedaisch/Scodanibbio/Svoboda, phonométrie with Anne-May Krüger and Stefan Hussong) the cd was recorded in the chamber music hall at the DeutschlandFunk studios in Cologne, Germany with the producer Stephan Schmidt. The four works on the cd deal with sound movement in different ways and will be mixed in Dolby SurroundSound 5.1. The booklet text will be written by Michael Kunkel. The cd is scheduled to be published in summer 2012.

The works recorded are:
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)
SIGNALE zur INVASION (vom DIENSTAG aus LICHT) als Solo für Posaune (1992)

John Cage (1912-1992)
Solo for Sliding Trombone (from Concerto for Piano and Orchestra) (1957-58)

Luigi Nono (1924-1990)
Post-prae-ludium n. 1 per Donau (1987)per tuba e live electronics

Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988)
Mantram - canto anonimo per trombone solo (1986)

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