chamber opera "Die Katze" premiered in Linz

Despite all the Corona turmoil, our new chamber opera Die Katze, die ihre eigenen Wege ging (The cat who walked by herself) did finally have its premiere at the Landestheater Linz in May of 2021. Anne-May Krüger wrote the libretto which I set to music. With a cast of powerful young singers and just three string players, the opera tells the story of our journey out of the wilderness, into civilization, and of art's role in this new life, a life between wild and tame. The play ran for two seasons in Linz and we are now hoping for a German premiere soon.

A comment from the press: „How can we succeed in living together freely and yet as a community? This experiment dared in the coherent, clear direction of Sabine Sterken man and woman many years ago, when everything was still wild. [...] May they succeed in moving the world together on their paths. Conclusion: a fine musical theater that takes its young audience seriously." (Oberösterreichische Nachrichten)

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