Concert Etudes 6 & 7 premiered

It is a rare moment for a composer to hear a new solo piece played 7 times by 7 different players in one concert, but that was my treat a few days ago at the 2022 ARD international music competition in Munich, where my „Concert Etudes 6 & 7“ were performed by the semi-finalists. Bravo to the trombonists for their creative performances! And yes, my heart goes out to the 40 players who practiced these challenging pieces but didn’t get the chance to perform them. I certainly hope the work was not in vain. Have a listen here to the 1st prize winner of the competition, Kris Grafitt with his excellent interpretation of the pieces entitled „Six introverted verses“ and „Five extroverted choruses“.

see Kris Garfitt's performance here

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