Mike Svoboda's Alphorn Special is back on stage

A "tongue-in-ear" homage to complex simplicity in our simply complicated world. Mike Svoboda ("trombone virtuoso and blower of all things" - die Zeit, "a little bit Otto, a little bit Loriot, high-performance artist and music clown" - Süddeutsche Zeitung), a soloist from the field of classical and new music, who has already worked with composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Frank Zappa, presents his entertaining and humorous "Alphorn Special" program and elicits unusual sounds not only from the alphorn but also from other exotic instruments such as didgeridoo, South Sea shell, and garden hose.

Mike Svoboda's Alphorn Special, which was created back in the 90s and has toured throughout the world, is back again! Check-out the trailer.

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