new composition at the lucerne festival 2013 : robin hood

For a commissioned work touching on the theme of revolution and Robin Hood, Mike Svoboda teamed up with Manfred Weiss once again (after "Erwin,das Naturtalent" and "Der unglaubliche Spotz") to write a new music theater for a young audience. Their new work called "Robin Hood - too good to be true" is scored for a singer and brass quintet and was premiered at the Lucerne Festival on 7th of September, 2013. The cast of this production - which is touring occasionally through the next few years - is Anne-May Krüger (mezzo-soprano) alternating in performances with Amber Opheim (soprano), and SonusBrass: Stefan Dünser and Attila Krako (trumpets), Andreas Schuchter (horn), Wolfang Bilgeri (trombone) and Harald Schele (tuba). The costumes are by Nina Ball, and the stage direction is by Marcelo Cardoso Gama. 

This 60-minute work for an audience aged 6 and up, is based on themes by the english composer John Dowland (1563-1626), Mike Svoboda is preparing a 20-minute suite for brass quintet and will premiered in June.

A short trailer of the production can be seen here:

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