New solo CD for WERGO

November 2011 Mike Svoboda recorded a new solo cd in Dolby Surround Sound 5.1. with four major works of the 20th century. The CD came out last summer on the WERGO label.

Luigi Nono Post-Prae-Ludium per Donau per Tuba et live-electronics (1987)
Karlheinz Stockhausen Singale zur Invasion I (1993) für Posaune solo 
Giacinto Scelsi Mantram (1986) versione per trombone solo 
John Cage solo for sliding trombone (1960) version for 8 trombones

Holger Stenschke collaborated with the live-electronics on the Nono. Stephan Schmidt was responsible for the recording, the 6th CD Svoboda and Schmidt have done for the WERGO Label, all recorded in the wonderful recording studio of Deutschlandfunk, Cologne, Germany. 

more information:,308896.html 

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