Mike Svoboda premieres works by Hans Schoenthal (1896-1937)

The Hans-Schoenthal-Society presents works newly discovered works by an unusual Swiss composer and poet. The Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden plays under the direction of Sebastian Tewinkel with Andri Perl (actor) and Mike Svoboda (trombone).The concerts are on 16th of December in Staefa and 17th in Chur, Switzerland.

Only a single poem by Hans Schoenthal (1896-1937) has even been published. It appeared post mortem in an anthology, published in just a few dozen copies for a close circle of friends around the editor Alfons Müller-Konradi. While examing this anthology titled "Der Almanch des Insgesamten" (Basel, 1962) a certain poem, "Der glühende Berg", enthralled the young student and author Andri Perl so much, that he commenced a search for Hans Schoenthal, following this one trace. In the city archives of the Kanton Bern, he came across the complete correspondence by Schoenthal's mother, with which Schoenthal's biography - including the connection to Johannes Brahms - could be reconstructed. A comparison of Schoenthal's handwriting with several unsigned manuscripts found in Alfons Müller-Konradi's personal artifacts contained in the Musicological Institute at the University Basel attributes these compositions to this mysterious Swiss figure. Mike Svoboda, professor for trombone and chamber music at the University of Music Basel, examined the scores - many featuring the trombone - and concluded that Hans Schoenthal was an unknown avant-garde composer who deserves the recognition of a larger audience. Together with Andri Perl, he initiated the Hans-Schoenthal-Society, which soon enjoyed the support of the Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden, so that the honor of presenting the premiere of these five works has been given to their conductor, Sebastian Tewinkel. Mike Svoboda, solo trombone, is joined by Andri Perl, who will recite the poems and lead the audience through the concert program.

The five works are:
1. Maischall (1924)
for trombone and 11 instruments

2. Der Hauch, der Wind, der Sturm (nach drei Liedern von Johannes Brahms) (1913)
for trombone and string orchestra

3. Millionen Cristalle (1916)
for narrator, trombone and orchestra

4. Nächtens (1928)
for narrator, trombone and chamber orchestra

5. ’s himmeltruurig Stückli (1936)
for narrator, trombone and orchestra

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