Cologne Philharmonic commissions Svoboda to compose a new organ project

No composer is so deeply connected to our concept of the organ as Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is. For me it is clear, that if I am to set the organ of the Cologne Philharmonie in a new context, combining it with an unusual instrumentation, exploring the possibilities of the space both in and around the organ, then it would be wise to have a strong common factor in the equation. This constant is the music of Bach. In this endeavor I intend to portrait two objects: firstly the composer J.S. Bach - not in full but in detail, more specifically through a composed interpretation of his Musical Offering. Secondly, the organ itself is featured in it‘s multifaceted possibilities both as a solo and chamber music instrument, being sketched with doublings, mirror images, extension, diminuations, etc. in combination with accordion, saxophone, trombone and barrel organ.

Together with the musicians Marcus Weiss (saxophone), Stefan Hussong (accordion), Thierry Mechler (organ) this new concert program will be premiered with Mike Svoboda (trombone and barrel organ) on April 18th, 2013 in the Cologne Philharmonic, Cologne, Germany.

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