The Techniques of Trombone Playing awarded best edition 2018

5 years in the making, "The Techniques of Trombone Playing"


The "Techniques of Trombone Playing" published in 2017 in the Bärenreiter series was award the Best Edition Prize from the German Musikedition society.

Written together with the composer Michel Roth, the publication was made possible through the support and contribution from a large team of generous and talented persons: the director of the research department at the Hochschule für Musik Basel Michael Kunkel, the trombonists Andrew Digby, Benny Sluchin, and Toon van Ulsen who critiqued the book in advance, Vinko Globokar who wrote the preface, and my former students who helped with the 92 audio examples, Kevin Austin, Juna Winston, Jon Roskilly (who also did the english translation, bravo!), Antonio Jimenez, and Stephen Menotti.
The book is for mostly for composers, but trombonist could find the information useful. In addition, 5 etudes composed especially for the book by Kevin Juillerat, Roland Moser, Michel Roth, Caspar Johannes Walter, and Nadir Vassena and available for download.

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