Mike Svoboda is professor for contemporary chamber music and trombone at the University of Music in Basel, Switzerland.

Together with his colleagues Yaron Deutsch, Sarah Maria Sun, and Marcus Weiss, a master degree in New Music Performance is offered. The two-year program with 14-16 students is performance orientated with a great deal of individual work, but also intensive guidance from one of the three mentors. In addition, 17 hours of instrumental instruction is provided for each student to be taken with an instuctor of choice, not necessarily in Basel. This modus provides a highly efficient transfer of information from expert to student. The students in the program form the ensemble zone experimental.

Trombonist interested in studying with Mike Svoboda can pursue a masters degree in trombone performance with a minor in contemporary music at the University of Music Basel. 

The application deadline for both programs is mid February in the winter before the fall semester begins. The entrance exam is in the following April.