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Michael Kunkel takes a moment and and angle to give Mike Svoboda's compositions a focused overview from a new perspective.

April 2021, Cologne: maybe yes, maybe no (2020) for two clarinets and string quartet

May 2021, Linz: Die Katze, die Ihre eigene Wege ging (2019) – chamber opera (libretto Anne-May Krüger)

What would music taste, fell, smell or look like? How and to what degree is the music we create today nurtured from the humus of tradition?

Based in Rudyard Kipling's short story "The cat that walked by himself", Mike Svoboda teamed up with Anne-May Krüger, who wrote the libretto, to compose yet another work for young listeners. The opera, Die Katze, die

Commissioned for the ARD International Music Competition, Mike Svoboda has written two new Concert Etudes, No. 6 Six introverted verses and No. 7 Five extroverted choruses for solo trombone. Intended to be premiered at the

Two courageous percussionists, Zacarias Maia and Dino Georgeton, took it upon themselves separately to record Mike Svoboda's Cartesian Rainbow, a work for solo percussion which he composed in 2018 for the performer

The city of Stuttgart, Germany has one of the longest running and prestigious composition contests in Europe. Open to anyone of any age with a residency in Germany, the jury – which includes one performer/composer and

In 2010 Mike Svoboda took time to write a piece, just for his own personal development with no commission, no requests to follow from a concert promoter, no one to please but myself. Some consider the resulting work